Mongol Rally 2020

Motoring stupidity on a global scale…

This is the greatest motoring adventure on the planet. This is 10,000 miles of chaos across mountain, deserts and steppe on roads ranging from bad to not-a-road in a tiny 1000cc car you bought from a scrapyard for £4.60.

There’s no backup. There’s no set route. There’s no guarantee you’ll make it to the end. It’s just you, your rolling turd and planet earth sized bucket of adventure.

We have been stealthily planning this trip for over a year and there was no holding us back when registrations opened in July 2019.

Our route will take us through 20 countries, many of which end with ‘stan’ finishing in Ulaan-Ude, Russia about 50 days later.

Mongol Rally Route Map.

If vehicle, body and mind are still intact we intend to turn around and drive back home via Moscow, at least another 7,000 miles.

During the adventure we will be supporting Children’s Hospice South West and Cool Earth. See the Charities page for more information.

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