Toyota Yaris

Mongol Rally Car

Introducing Arnold the 2005 Toyota Yaris T2 with a throbbing 998cc and a factory stated 67BHP.

Arnold has been a member of the ‘family’ for many years, and has many battle scars to prove this (sorry Laura and Kevin!).

Arnold is beautifully ill equipped with no AC, no electric windows, only 2 of which open and no central locking. This means there is far less to go wrong, although we may actually cook inside the car.

Currently Arnold is totally unprepared for what lies ahead, as are we. But he does already have the essential GB sticker and half a tank of petrol.

Back in 1999, James May and Top Gear reviewed the Yaris. However, he forgot to mention its suitability for the Mongol Rally. Watch the video here, you won’t believe how young he is!

To see Arnold in action check out our YouTube channel.

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